August 31, 2010

dear summer

We bid you adieu!

We enjoyed the break from school work and extra curricular activities. We wore ourselves out with trips to zoos and wildlife sanctuaries. And, some of our fondest memories are of this year's camping trip. We visited farmer's markets, ate way too much ice cream, took in our local attractions, celebrated birthdays, and watched cartoons until late in the morning.

You've been great summer! Thanks for the fun.

P.S. can you tell Slip 'n Slide we'll see 'em around next summer.

Tonight is the eve of our 2010-2011 school year and many changes await us. First time riding the bus. New school. New teachers and friends.

Fall is in the air! It's quite fitting that today, the last day of summer vacation, it rains. All day. So we used the indoor time to it's fullest by getting the house ready for our new adventures.

Breakfast time was streamlined

Snacks are out

Lunch boxes are clean and ready to be packed

School center was cleaned and backpacks are ready

Morning reminders are up

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