August 28, 2010

on the cheap (!)

This house has a lot of windows in all sorts of different shapes, sizes and angles. None of them have any sort of curtain or drape coverage though. A few have blinds but that's it. Mr. Hawthorne made new screens this summer for several downstairs windows so we could open things up and let the fresh air in while keeping the bugs out. But that is all we've done to the windows around here. Once in a while breezy sheers and light blocking drapes fill my mind's eye. Although I just haven't been eager to jump on the bandwagon to go around dressing windows. Have you priced out curtains lately? Ouch!! They can be spendy.

Tonight I came across this great tip on making your own drapes and I just had to share. And, talk about being "on the cheap!" What's not to love I ask you?! Now that's a super cost effective trick. Fabulous!
++Hi Sugarplum!++

You can find another cheapo drop-cloth made drapes at burlap and blue

Burlap and blue also has a great post of other dropcloth curtains. Clearly, I was the last to figure this little nugget of fabulous-ness out. I feel inspired to make some of my own.

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