August 6, 2010

and then he turned nine

Dear El Fuego,

Today you are 9. That means for nine years you have continued to surprise us and amazes us and cause us to throw our fists up in the air and make us laugh uncontrollably at any given moment. In other words we fall in love with you all over again every single day. You have an unquenchable desire to feed knowledge into that brain of yours. You are fearless in your quest to answer that one simple question: "what does that do?"

You've taught us patience and forgiveness, especially for others who don't understand you like we do. You are kind, loving and precocious as all get out and let us not forget you are mischievous. Oh boy, are you ever mischievous! These qualities of yours makes you the outstanding person you are however. Interesting I dare say and cute to boot. And, you are going to be great at life. We just know it.

Although we are sad to see you grow up, your independence is nothing new to us. It's been a pleasure watching you mature and blossom. A journey I look back on (and will continue to do so) with a smile.

Happy Birthday!
We love you!

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