August 30, 2010

house numbered flower pots

I recently found some inspiration from a new blog crush, The DIY Show Off and her adorable house number flower pots. I was on a kick for another project and browsing the hardware store when I came across some flower pots. I reminded myself of the cute pots from her blog so I gathered up some supplies. Mine aren't as cute, but I do love the instant gratification factor in these babies.

pots - $1.19 each
black paint - already had
white numbers - $0.59 each
gloss glaze spray - already had

I need some flowers and a little staging yet. This is mid-project you could say. We have a really cute child-sized picnic table Mr. Hawthorne built that is begging to be painted some sort of red shade. I thought it would be cute if these pots found their home sitting on that table on our porch. More to come....stay tuned.

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