August 26, 2010

meet and greet

This afternoon was the official meet and greet at the big kids' new school. My first impression was love at first site! The staff, teachers and families all were friendly and inviting. And an added bonus: the new school campus is exactly the same floor plan as the old school. We pretty much knew our way around already. The kids are excited to ride the bus for the first time and eat lunch in the gym/cafeteria instead of their classrooms. I have a feeling we are going to do really well at this new school.
Miss Divine with her first grade teacher. The room is bright and not overly decorated. Mrs. L was super sweet and welcoming. And Miss Divine already has a friend in her class from her Pre-K days.
Every time we told someone El Fuego's 3rd grade teacher's name, they would get that look on their face when they really loved their teacher and was sad their turn with her was over. That is always a great sign and I am thrilled! Mrs. W already knew El Fuego's name (he's hard to forget) and she chatted Miss Divine up about her teacher.

We are excited for the year to begin!

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