August 5, 2010

secret agent training

Today I headed off to the local hardware store in search of something cheap I could make some sort of circle target with. The hardware store is not a haunt of mine so although I have a general idea of what is in hardware stores, I've never gone in one looking for something so specific while not really knowing what I was looking for at the same time. What I ended up with happened to be brilliant. I rounded a back corner at the point of almost giving up when I spied three boxes on an end cap of different sized pipe insulation. I picked out the 1/2 inch tubular piece of foam and formed a circle. The miracle of duck tape popped into my head and my idea was complete.
I brought my foam pipe insulators home. Formed them into circles. Used duck tape to hold the circles together and ...
...Voila! We have ourselves the makings of a mission training course for a handful of lucky agents. I am so excited to get these babies outside tomorrow for the party.
Next up water balloon making aka bombs. Yeehaw!

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