August 30, 2007

A B C D E F G H I J Kindergarten

Today was the big day . . . . . . the kindergarten meet and greet. We found out who Wonder Boy's teacher would be and who his classmates were. He was super excited to learn his good buddy would be in the same class as him. I was excited too because this little guy is such a sweet, mellow, fun kid. And I love that the two of them can have a good time but not get all wild crazy.

Their teacher is young, not married and has no children. Which I think happens to be the best teachers. Not that ones with kids of their own and lots of teaching experience is a bad thing. Just that these fresh, young, excited, energetic teachers make for really great experiences for the kids. So I was happy to see we got Miss K for the year. Our neighbor works at the school which also gives me a calming, peaceful outlook about Wonder Boy tripping off to full day kindergarten. Knowing that someone there, other than myself or this teacher, knows WB and will look out for him. The little next door neighbor girl will also be in his class (at the same table no less) including a couple other friends from t-ball and kids of ladies from my mom's group so I was happy about that too. It's going to be a great year for him!!

The school is old but the class was very large and bright. EP's daughter is sitting right next to Wonder Boy. I think Emily and I both screeched in delight when we realized it . . . . . well I know I did. However, Wonder Boy was a little disappointed he sits at a table full of girls with girl germs. I told him sitting with the girls is the best part about school; gives him a chance to work on his skills. But it's probably something he won't appreciate until he is a little older.

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