August 7, 2007

the wonder of six

Wonder Boy celebrated his sixth birthday last weekend. We had a great time at the Burke Museum in Seattle WA. It was nice to do something different and educational. The party was small but it didn't lack any of that crazy boy energy. I felt sorry for the few little girls we did have but Miss O quickly befriended them and they were off holding hands and giggling like girls do.

The kids started out with fossil rubbings, party hat making and puzzle solving. I was surprised how mellow and "into" they all seemed to be.

We played a quick game of "T-Rex, T-Rex What time is it?" It was short lived and the sugar high from the volcanic cupcakes was kicking in.

There was lots of snacking on "leg bone" sandwiches, "dino eggs" (grapes), "brachiosaurus blend" (snack mix), "lava juice" and "volcanic cupcakes".

Here's WB in an engaging conversation with his bud, CE, about body parts and their functions over lunch. Lovely!

Wonder Boy enjoyed opening presents with his friends and then we all headed out to explore the museum.

Here's HP checking out bug guts under the microscope & AJ checking out the dino bones with her mom.

All the kids got to take home a one of a kind dino t-shirt that WB designed.

We had a roaring good time!!

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