August 3, 2007

horsin' around

Yesterday we retreated back to camp grandma for some R&R. We hit up the brand new Wal-Mart (yeah I know, living the high life aren't I) and my mom helped me shop for party supplies. I quickly realized this is not an uncommon activity for stay-at-moms needing to get things done. I witnessed several mothers with two or more kids pushing a shopping cart with a grandmotherly looking person following close behind with a second shopping cart gathering food and supplies for her brood.

The kids played around and got dirty. Miss O rode two year old Jake for "his" first time. She loved it and he did pretty good. We ate dinner out and splurged on dilly bars from Dairy Queen. It was a good break for all of us.

My new addiction is Windows Movie Maker. I find delight in taking short movies of the kids and turning them into "masterpieces". Check out my latest . . . . .enjoy! Push Play.

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