August 21, 2007

100 things

Alright, I've seen many other bloggers do this and I always thought it was fun. Then Ms. E.P. over at 32 Enthropy Lane did hers and I was inspired to do my own because I quietly stalk her blog. No just kidding; I don't really do that. Okay, maybe I do a little.

100 things
*Some you might already know and some are little known facts.

1.I’m married with three kids
2.I was born in Olympia WA
3.I’m an only child
4.I love M&Ms!
5.Decorating children’s rooms is fun – I love it!
6.I love planning kids’ birthday parties
7.I love having a clean, organized house
8.I hate doing mundane house chores over and over again
9.I watch trashy TV and am addicted to reality shows
10.I was homecoming princess my freshman year of college (I was shocked too)

11.I have a quiet sense of humor
12.And I love British humor
13.I’m a teacher
14.Mr. Alongi (5th grade teacher) was my inspiration for my career goal
15.I’m joining the working world again this fall after six years – Yay preschool!
16.I love planning anything with a theme
17.I don’t talk to my biological father
18.I struggle with my weight and my shyness
19.My left ring-finger-nail is crooked (my aunt slammed it in a car door when I was four years old)
20.My home was a camper trailer for a year when I was 10 years old

21.I have one half sister and three step sisters
22.I’m a dog person
23.I’m not a morning person
24.I’m a Virgo
25.I had a pet rabbit named "Genius" when I was 8 years old
26.I had a childhood crush on Michael J Fox
27.I was a wrestling cheerleader in high school (go ahead, you can laugh)
28.And a basketball cheerleader in college because it qualified as a PE credit
29.My college is Catholic and my last teaching job was at a private Catholic school
30.I’m not religious (I know, it’s ironic isn’t it)

31.I wish I was smarter
32.I hate child predators with the very core of my sole
33.My favorite all time movie is Princess Bride
34.I love Harry Potter
35.I secretly wish I could make money from writing a children’s book or something crafty or own my own small business
36.I love good food and I crave carbs on a daily basis
37.I used to love shopping for myself, now I love shopping for my kids
38.I love to nap
39.I hate my hair
40.I enjoy Starbucks, pedicures, and facials

41.I walked five 5ks the spring/summer of 2007 and raised $650 dollars for the Arthritis Foundation
42.I lived on a working dairy farm for four years first with my parents in the big farm house and then with J in a smaller house down the driveway – I loved it
43.When playing house as a child, my husband’s name was always Jason
44.I’ve never like wearing a bathing suit . . . . . ever
45.My eyes twitch when I’m really tired (so weird)
46.I won a blue ribbon in my first walk/trot horse show when I was seven or eight however it was only me and another little boy
47.I don’t like ladybugs
48.My first visit to Disneyland was at age 32
49.I wish my home looked like the pages of Pottery Barn
50.I don’t like watching the news

51.I’m a slow reader but a quick study
52.I suffered a fractured pelvis, broken tailbone and concussion after fainting and falling off a horse in 1996
53.I have green eyes
54.I admire people with a sense of self
55.I loath arrogance
56.I want to be a world traveler, especially Ireland and Australia
57.I love my Irish roots but am not close to the family I inherited them from (go figure)
58.I have a fondness for Elephants
59.I have a small birthmark on the backside of my right kneecap
60.Slowness bothers me

61.My major pet peeves are usually about drivers and stupid people
62.I hate doing the dishes
63.I don’t like having neighbors
64.I don’t wear make up
65.Sometimes I wish I was a hippie – they’re cool!
66.I love antiques and old cool stuff
67.Garage sales are fun, but outdated g-sale signs annoy me
68.I’m not afraid of a well place curse word, in fact I love the shock value
69.I wish my family was closer
70.I’m a clutter-bug and I tend to hoard stuff – I hate this quality about myself

71.I grow attachments to material objects, hence #70
72.I love my mom
73.I hated jr high (puberty and acne, need I say more)
74.I like being alone
75.But I hate shopping alone
76.I love quaint/charming houses
77.And, I love going into other people’s houses, discovering their floor plans and how they decorate their spaces
78.I grind my teeth
79.I have a hard time falling asleep – always have
80.I love to scrapbook

81.I wish I could play an instrument or sing or dance really well
82.I wish I was good at gardening
83.I was born with red hair and I like my name
84.My hair line is crooked
85.I like shamrocks
86.I wish I had an accent
87.I admire people whose career is something they love
88.I adore my friends – more than they’ll ever know
89.I think of myself as a private person, but I wear my heart on my sleeve
90.I hardly ever cry

91.I’m a fighter (in a survivalist way, not a beat ‘em up way)
92.Complainers bother me
93.I traveled by myself for the first time when I was 32, on a plane no less
94.I can’t imagine life without my children
95.I can’t wait to retire, grow old and travel the world with my husband
96.It is my goal to be the best mom, mother-in-law and grandmother
97.I worry too much
98.I want to own a beach cottage someday (I love lighthouses)
99.I hardly ever eat breakfast
100.I’m proud of who I am now (I struggled with it for a long time)

101.I'm not a city girl
102.I don't like lettuce on my sandwiches or burgers
103.I let my children eat french fries and ice cream
104.I think PB&J sandwiches are best with white bread
105.I really don't like trimming my kids' toenails - it sorta grosses me out
106.I wear the same (lightest) clothes to Weight Watchers every week
107.Jealously is not a trait I admire
108.Dr. Seuss rocks!
109.My house is always messy
110.My kids have too many toys but I wouldn't have it any other way (you're only a kid once)

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