August 22, 2007

weigh in: week #28

Okay I haven't posted my weigh in for a while, officially that is, mostly just because I sorta forgot and things have been busy. The weigh in posts are supposed to be on Fridays. As I've mention before I have set a huge goal for myself to lose 60 pounds by my 10 year wedding anniversary next year. (August 14th 2008) I'm not going to set up myself up for failure however. I realize that if I tell myself I need to lose this huge amount of 60 pounds, then it will be too daunting and I will eventually give up. So I'm breaking it down into 5 pound increments. For every 5 pounds, I'll give myself little reward party (that doesn't involve food) and I hope that will help motivate me. I've also set myself up with a work out buddy (yay JS) so I can get myself down to the gym three times a week. I can't forget Hot Yoga. I do want to do that again for sure - it's great!

So here goes (as of last night's weigh in):

pounds lost: .2 (not much, but I'll take it)
total loss: 16.8
diet: Weight Watchers
exercise: cleaning/organizing house (including moving furniture)

I need to drink more water. I fell off the water wagon recently. So that's my goal this week to drink more water (like lots more!) I have a work date on Saturday and I've made it a goal to get down to the gym Wednesday and Friday mornings before J goes to work. That's my plan anyway.

On other exciting news. I went to the Gap outlet a couple weeks ago. I saw these really cute long/knee length shorts for really cheap and I wanted them. Bad! I went through all the piles looking for the biggest size (18) but couldn't find one because it's the Gap so I figured as much. But there was one blue pair in size 16. I thought I would give it shot and try them on. Guess what? They fit!!!!! I think I did a hopping up and down dance of joy right then and there. And of course I had to buy them. Woohoo!!

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