August 20, 2007

while she's sleeping

Laundry, laundry, laundry. I feel like my days are filled up with clothes whether it be washing them, drying them, folding them or leaving them unfolded in the baskets for days, separating them into piles of darks and lights, stepping over them, picking them up, putting them away, hanging them up, weeding out the outgrown or outdated . . . . . . yes, clothes. With three kids there seems to be an overabundance of clothes. And, yet it seems like I'm always needing to buy more because, well, kids grow. I save everything of Miss O's because they all get handed down to Baby Love. And I save some of Wonder Boy's because Miss O can wear his old jeans and such to her preschool. I struggle with giving clothes away to charities because I work so hard and spent so much money on all those clothes. I want to get my act together and see if I can sell some of the nicer kid clothes or possibly do consignment but that's a lot of work.


Anyway, enough about that . . . . . Baby Love is napping. She is really settling into a routine unfortunately I realized today, she going to have to rearrange her sleeping habits some in the next few weeks. She likes to stay up later and sleep in way late (a girl after my own heart) and she naps pretty early in the day. With her going to preschool this fall with me, she's going to have to be an early riser and wait for naps until the afternoon. I'm going to work on her sleep schedule before school starts. She needs to nap a little less and go to bed a little earlier. Hopefully, that will help her wake up earlier and we can adjust her routine a bit.


Frieda is home again. She spent a week at Camp Grandma since we took a trip to Leavenworth and we weren't able to pick her up until Saturday evening. She's been sleeping pretty much since she got home. Running around with four dogs really wears the old girl out. It was weird not having her around this past week. She doesn't require much, but she's always around. As she was sniffing around for dinner crumbs last night, I told J it feels like our family is whole again.


The weather has been rainy, wet and breezy. We are wearing our comfy clothes and sweats and chillin' around the house. We got a good start on our house overload cleaning/organizing frenzy. Still lots to do though. I have a need for my life and home to be in order before school starts otherwise I fear I will forget everything and always feel like I'm running two steps behind where I should be.

The kids have been doing crafts and watching too much tv. Wonder Boy put together a little wooden race car and is in between painting it. Miss O has been working on painting a horse ornament. I have been doing more laundry while she's sleeping.

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