August 24, 2007

blueprint for life

At the book store the other night, I picked up a couple magazines I had never read before. The first being Blueprint. "Design your life" it said. And, I thought "oh I need a design for my life, yes!!" After getting home, I realized it was a Martha Stewart publication. No wonder the soft hues of Tiffany blue and cursive lettering called out to me from the display rack. I'm instantly attracted to all things Martha. I wondered if she is going for a less "in your face Martha" and a more "this is a just a cool magazine" that I happen to be making even more money from approach after her run ins with the law. Anyhoo, it's a fun little read. They also have a blog called bluelines - check it out.

The other magazine I grabbed was domino which many of you have all ready discovered. It's another fun one. I love the stickers they include so you can tab all the things you want to try, buy, use, or renovate in your home. I pulled out the "how to" organize your bathroom medicine cabinet and stuck to it my own cabinet for inspiration. That's my next little goal to clean it out, throw away all the old products I don't use and streamline my morning routine with a little more organization.

And of course, they have some fun blogging to check out too at Daily Dose.

Other fun: I found this tutorial on screen-printing or silk screen as we used to call it in high school. It's a really fun way to make cool designs for shirts or whatever. I have been making shirts for school field days and 100s days celebrations as well as for my kids' birthday parties for favors for a while now. But I always just used t-shirt transfers. Then the other day I remembered learning how to screen print in my high school art class. So by the power of "google" I looked it up. I'm going to try to make a little shirt for Baby Love to see how it works. Stay tuned!

Something else that looks fun is gocco ("go co"). I wonder how much these little machines are? I'll have to check it out.

Happy Friday!!

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