August 8, 2007

and the sky is gray

The weather has turned and summer feels like it's slipping away making room for all things fall: crisp weather, bright colors, falling leaves, sweaters, and back to school. Suddenly the month of August has become super busy for us. Birthday parties, wedding anniversary, planning meetings and back to school activities have filled up our calendar.

I went to weight watchers last night and was surprised I was down another pound for a 16.6 pound weight loss so far. Ya-freakin'-hoo!!! As I was driving away, I started thinking about J and my anniversary coming up in a few days and I set a goal for myself. I want to lose 60 pounds by our 10th anniversary, next year. I've bumbled along these past six months and managed to lose 16 pounds. If I get serious and really focus on my health with regular work outs, I might be able to reach a 60 pound weight loss.

I couldn't stay for the ww meeting because I was meeting my future co-workers at a teacher supply store to buy supplies for school next year. I had never been in this store so I had no idea I was walking into heaven when I entered those doors. It was teacher heaven!!! All the bright colors, smell of tempera paint, posters, books, manipulates galore had me salivating over all the school goodness. I wanted to buy, buy, buy!!!! I can't wait to go back.

Wonder Boy is mellowing into his six-ness as the party dust settles. He has been scootering around the house on his new razor scooter from his grandparents and playing his favorite scooby doo game on his new Nitendo DS. He received his yellow belt in Arnis this week and is very proud. I've been worring about his blog. He loves it and it's fun for the friends and family to see his personality in full glory, but I worry about all the sickos!! I recently read this post and it's given me the heeby gibbies. I'm debating deleting WB's blog or at the very least making it private so only authorized users can view it. If I were a smarter person I think I would get myself into congress and pass laws all over the country for the death penalty for people who commit crimes against children. With all the DNA and mountains of facts, it is so hard to convict innocent people these days. Why are we not making our world safer for our children? I don't understand it.

I've been on a de-clutter/house overload rampage recently. I moved furniture around and have been trying to organize and clean our living spaces. I've been feeling suffocated by the amount of stuff and the lack of space we have. I've come to the realization that keeping stuff just to keep it isn't doing anyone any good. We aren't moving anytime soon so we need to make our house a home that's livable.

J and I have been looking at a mini vacation this weekend. Things/life have been stressful and it would be nice to get away. We just have to make arrangements with camp grandma . . . wink, wink!!

I have been watching Big Love religiously and I love that Big Brother 8 is on three times a week. Oh and if you haven't discovered the new 80s heart throb phenomenon The Two Coreys, you are missing out. My mom makes fun of my junk tv diet, then she tunes into her favorite America's Got Talent. Although I must admit, Terry Fator is pretty amazing.

Good luck Dinklocker family!! I can't wait to hear your baby news today. I hope all goes well!! I'll be thinking about you.

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