August 27, 2007

smellin' school spirit

We had our teacher's tea this morning at school where the parents and kids come to meet their new teachers and get a feel for the school, etc. We spent a good portion yesterday morning putting up bulletin boards, decorating and rearranging furniture getting ready. I was really nervous about meeting the parents and giving my little speech. I had a hard time falling asleep last night because of it. But to my surprise, it was really lovely and I was happy. The parents seem great. One of the moms reminded me of myself when I first put Wonder Boy into preschool. Full of questions and worries about how this whole school thing was going to work out. The kids were so sweet. That two year old stage (right before they turn into stinky three years olds) is the best age. They are full of curiosity! You can see their brains going a million miles a minute soaking up every little thing they can. It's fabulous! I'll have four young two year olds and Baby Love who will be 18 months at the start of school. I'm very excited.


Yesterday afternoon, I spent some time in the garage going through boxes. I've decided to take my old college text books down to Half Price Books and see if they'll take them. J took a box to the goodwill and I already have another one ready to go. I felt good letting go of some of the clutter. I also enjoyed going through some of my prized possessions and reminiscing about why they are so prized.

J also went through some of his stuff. A lot was tossed (funny the things we hold onto as kids). He had a shoe box of cards that I went through and I found a dollar he had gotten as tip as a paper boy. Which is pretty funny because I bet him I would find some forgotten cash within the envelopes. We also found an adorable little wood antique penny bank. I love it!! It's basically a red box with a little frog on top wearing a crown. It would be perfect for a baby boy nursery. We'll have to find the perfect spot in Wonder Boy's room for it.

The garage is in complete disarray but there's less stuff at least. I think the only way we are really going to be able to get it really organized is if we take everything out and only put back the things we are keeping in an organized fashion. As it is right now, we just move boxes around from one spot to the other.


Wonder Boy had his six year wellness appointment this morning. He got a shot and his blood pressure was a little high, but that could be because he was nervous about getting shots. He had a good check up and is all set for kindergarten now.

The kids have been fighting relentlessly lately and it's driving me bonkers!! I was feeling sad about summer coming to an end, but now I'll be dancing in the street when they go back to school. They need a break from all the time they have been spending together. Only one more week . . .

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