September 1, 2007

look out june cleaver

My etsy order arrived this week from very cool graphic artist John W. Golden. Along with the order was an extra little, very cute pushpin miniature that reminded me an awful lot of Frieda the super mutt. It's hanging on my frig. I picked up a frame this afternoon and quickly mounted it in the kids' bathroom. Although I'm not in love with the frame, I do love the sentiment. I love the lime green color against the dark blue. So fun!!

On my way home, I stopped off at the local farmers market since I only had Baby Love with me. We strolled through the isles and browse all the handmade items and fresh fruit and veggies. The weather was lovely! I found my mom the best birthday present and I can't wait to give it to her. On the way out, I spotted this little cutie. I want to decorate Baby Love's bedroom (if she ever gets one of her own) with elephants. I have an old, hand painted elephant piggy bank my aunt gave me when I was little so the idea is based around that. Slowly I have been collecting sweet pieces like this.

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