August 30, 2007

pukefest 2007

It left just as it came . . . . . all the sudden! Pukefest 2007 was a mysterious event that reeked havoc for 24 hours and then vanished without even a so long but with major evidence it was here. Miss O started to complain her tummy was hurting right after lunch on Tuesday. I sent her up to the bathroom and I was quickly summoned to find her mac and cheese neatly thrown up in her pants lying on the floor. It was a down hill spiral from there. She threw up all over the house continuously missing the bucket again and again. She felt terrible. I put her on the couch in quarantine, tipping over the coffee table and moving the ottoman around so that the baby couldn't get near her but it didn't mean much to that little virus for it struck Baby Love right around 7pm that evening. Both girls were vomiting and lethargic. Luckily they both slept through the night and Baby Love seemed to make a quick turn around eating toast the next morning. However, Miss O gave us one last protruding puke across the living room floor and then announced "I hungry now!"

Today bellies have seemed to return back to their natural working order and luckily Wonder Boy has not been stricken. (I worry he'll start throwing up the morning of his first day of school.) The aftermath is a scary site with the faint smell of vomit through out the house and old towels strewn about the living room covering ominous spots. I told J we need to steam clean the carpet and he said "I think we need a professional for this one!" He is probably right.

Baby Love and the Divine Miss O sleeping it off yesterday afternoon.

In quarantine.

Feeling better.

Such sweetness!

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