June 1, 2007

Weigh In: week 18

Pounds Lost: up .8
Total Loss: 12.8
Diet: Weight Watchers
Exercise: walking (5k training)

Okay, I was a little bummed about my gain again this week. Not a good start to the 14 week summer challenge, I know. It does seem like I'll lose a couple pounds, then I'll hover or creep up a little and then I'll lose a couple pounds again. So maybe I'm just repeating my usual pattern. Or maybe it's because I haven't been tracking my points, not getting my trainings in and eating too much. Either way, I need to get it under control again. My goal by Labor Day is to lose 15 pounds. How? Here's my plan:

a) plan meals
b) track points
c) walk 2-3 times a week
d) use my membership at Curves 2-3 times a week
e) drink gallons and gallons of water everyday
f) and eat less

So far, since Tuesday, I've done very well with the water portion. I've been drinking three 32 mugs every day and peeing like a race-horse like every three minutes. Seriously! The 5k training this Saturday is in my neck of the woods bright and early so I plan on squeezing that in before the boys have to race off to their last t-ball game. Hopefully that will kick start my rear into gear again. This lovely, warm weather and light filled nights will make it easier for going out for walks in the evening after the little people go to bed as well. So here I go, keep your fingers crossed, more later . . . . .

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