June 23, 2007

celebrate achievements

I've decided you have to celebrate your little achievements and not the end result any way and in any form you can. Why? Because you deserve it! Wonder Boy had his belt test in Tae Kwon Do last night and instead of waiting for the results and celebrating his success, we celebrated his testing and trying his best instead. J took him to get ice cream and the three of ate the yummy goodness while chatting about the test. (The girls were sleeping. A boy needs some one on one time here and there.)

I had been putting off my weigh in post since I weighed in last Tuesday in the midst of a mass flooding and raging hormones weighing 1.6 pounds more than I did the last weigh in. I was feeling a bit deflated and pooped. I was a little depressed my future MILF status was not looking very attainable at my going rate of weight loss. However, I told myself it was just that time of the month (excuses, excuses) and I'll get back on track next week.

Gawd - I'm so over having a uterus!! Men have it so great ya know. They get to pee standing up, wear short hair, don't have to shave if they don't want to, scratch whatever, whenever without a care and never have to worry about wearing a supportive bra or if they might start their period during a camping trip. Ugh!! It's so not fair! You hear me guys? It's so freaking unfair!!

Today, I felt better though. Motivated. Energetic. I picked up my team mate for our Saturday Arthritis Foundation training and headed off to Alki beach (my favorite) and we walked five miles. Go us!! After dropping her off and heading home, I drove past Curves and decided to stop for a work out. I've had a membership there ever since Baby Love was eight weeks old. I joined because I decided I was going to get this baby weight x3 off for good. However, I haven't been in to work out since May. My bad! Not that I haven't been working out and trying because I have been going to Saturday morning trainings religiously and walking the 5ks once a month and going to weight watchers every Tuesday and drinking buckets of water and watching what I shove into my mouth. So I'm working at it. I had the nice gal who upon arrival announced I hadn't been in "in a long, long time" take my measurements. I'm proud and I've decided to post those results instead of my weight watchers weigh in. So here goes . . . .

Since May:
I've lost 18.50 total inches
17.50 pounds and
13.33 body fat pounds over all.

Yay!! Go little-irsh, go little-irish, it's your birthday, it's your birthday!!!

Yes, today I celebrate!

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