June 6, 2007

Princess Pampering

The Divine Miss O and her bestest little friend took part in delicious princess pampering this morning for her friend's special 4th birthday celebration. The two girls were first dressed in their princess frocks and then dolled up with crowns, finger nail polish, sparkles and lip gloss. They were then treated to a royal lunch and a superb New York cupcake. Miss O enjoyed herself and the girls had a lovely time. It was such a fun morning, that she fell asleep in the car and cried when it was time to come into the house (meaning it was all over) which is why the pouty face picture. But she quickly resumed composure and flashed a smile for the camera. True princess style!!

Of course I forgot my camera so I will have to wait until my lovely friend, DK, sends me some pics - hint, hint!!

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