June 26, 2007

pomp and circumstance

Wonder Boy graduated from Pre-K this morning. After two years at this wonderful school we've decided, with sad hearts and empty checking accounts, that Wonder Boy will attend full-day kindergarten at our local public school in the fall. It was a great run and we will miss it tremendously.

Here is Wonder Boy with our beloved Miss Morgan. We've had the pleasure getting to know her as the educational assistant these last two years and we will sorely miss her!! And here is Wonder Boy and Mr. D, the owner, principal and chief. Oh and Wonder Boy is pictured with his teacher, Mrs. Landi, up above.

In other pompous news: Wonder Boy took his belt test in Tae Kwon Do last Friday night and received his yellow belt yesterday in class. He graciously thanked "himself" and told the class he was very happy. Way to go Wonder Boy!!

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