June 19, 2007

a camping we will go

We did it! We went camping as a family and had a great time. The baby did really well for only 15 months. We took off Friday morning in the midst of a down pour and managed to drive right out of it and have sunshine and lovely weather all weekend up at Salt Creek near Port Angeles, WA.

(on the ferry half way to our destination)

Our camp site was perfect with plush green grass the baby could crawl around, lots of room for the big kids to run, an awesome view of Canada and the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

The kids helped set up the tent and you can see what lovely weather we had. Lucky!! I'm ready to buy a camper or RV for our next adventures though. Tent camping is just not my thing.

The beach was lovely and the tide was super low.

The tide pools were so much fun! We saw eels, starfish, sea urchins, some very weird little fish, tons of muscles and clams and lots of little crabs. I even saw a sea otter although he looked more like a river otter than the cute little sea otters you see at the Seattle aquarium.

Baby love was very interested in all the little sea creatures.

On the way home, we stopped off at the Olympic Game Farm and had a blast being so close to all the animals.

Like this guy and this guy . . .

and this guy

and this really big guy . . . . . . . amazing!!

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