June 1, 2007

Hello There

Well hello there June! You just snuck right up behind me when I wasn't looking. I turned around and *poof* there you were. Just like that! I guess this super sublime weather had me preoccupied and I didn't see you coming, but I'm so glad you are here. Welcome!! I look forward to spending the next 30 days with you as I do so enjoy your visits every year. No doubt we will be entertained by the end of school days, the summer goodness to come and the promises of the future. We will celebrate The Divine Miss O turning 4, my fourth 5k, Father's Day too, a messy house, Grandpa Excavator's birthday, bare feet, sunny weather of course, and a camping trip to boot together. Your stay will prove to be busy but I can't wait to fritter the days away with you!!

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