June 27, 2007

school's out for summer

Summer is finally here . . . . . Wonder Boy's last day of school was yesterday and our crazy month of June is winding down. Thank Goodness!! We are celebrating by hanging around the house in our pjs and eating a late breakfast.

I've had headache since Sunday and it's really starting to bug me. It came on right after Hot Yoga Sunday afternoon and I've been able to mask it with ibuprofen but I can't kick it. It's just been this dull ache for days and days.

I was super frustrated at Weight Watchers last night. I was up 2.8 pounds. Ugh! I walked five miles, worked out at Curves, did Hot Yoga twice and drank gallons of water. What the hell???? I know, I know . . . . . replacing fat with muscle . . . . yadda, yadda, yadda. However, I was so disappointed! I felt like going off to eat a pound of brownies and saying screw it! I've become increasingly irritated by the state of my house and the little annoyances of crying babies and noise making children. Not good for a headache. Ugh!

On the good news front: J had all his year end tests and blood work and CT scans this week. There are no new signs of cancer being back. He is in the 3% group now and will go back for test again in six months. We are happy!

And Baby Love is doing great with her PT. She crawling up and down the stairs and all over at super speeds. She's pulling herself up on everything she can and using a walker to practice her skill. She'll be 16 months in five days. I can hardly believe it!

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