June 4, 2007

weekend in review

First off, I must say . . . . . I'm exhausted!!! I had a very hard time waking up this morning and dragging my tired body out of bed. It was a busy weekend chocked full of activities. The weather was hot and sunny and it's tough on my Washingtonian bones. I feel like I crawl out of my cave all white skin and bundled up. The heat makes me tired and lack energy and the sun instantly makes my skin pink and itchy.

I started the weekend off by heading out for my 5k training bright and early Saturday morning. It felt good to get back out there after having a couple weeks off. The boys had their last t-ball game of the season in the morning and their celebration party in the afternoon. Each player got little trophies which was very cute. Wonder Boy is very proud of his "first trophy ever!" I finished off the day with a scrap-crop. It was good to get my creative juices flowing again.

Sunday we went to our second Mariner baseball game of the season. It was a beautiful day, the roof was open at Safeco field and it was Little League day so all the players and their families got to walk around the field before the game. It was fun to be that close to some of the players and down on the field. After the parade we saw the Mariner Moose, ate hot dogs, sat in the shade (thank goodness), chatted with our t-ball friends and watched a good game. I enjoyed people watching which is always the best part.

Wonder Boy and The Divine Miss O with some T-Ball team mates down on Safeco Field at the start of the Little League parade. Very cool!

We finished off the day with frozen yogurts from Costco (yum) and some good ole' fashion sprinkler action.

The weather is supposed to be cool and rainy this week. I'm actually looking forward to the break from the heat. I love the sunshine but I can only take the hot heat in small doses. I get uncomfortable and crabby!

This week will be a busy and exciting one in spite of the weather. The last day of preschool for The Divine Miss O is Friday, I have my fourth 5K on Saturday and we will be celebrating Miss O turning 4 on Sunday.

Okay blog buddies, off to reality . . . . . Have a great week!

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