June 21, 2007

doing the Burke

(Wonder Boy standing next to a huge dinosaur leg bone)

I braved the 520 bridge, the horrendous traffic, the crazy drivers and Seattle's total lack of usage of a normal city block and took the kids to The Burke Museum this afternoon.

It's funny!I'm way more adventurous with my three kids than I ever was with just one. I always thought how hard things would be trying to get around with little Wonder Boy. Now with three rabble-rousers (thanks EP for the new fav word - love it!!) I think back at what a dork I was for thinking things were so hard with just one because with three, it's way more challenging. I, we, missed out on so much because I wasn't brave enough to check it out by myself. Now I tote around two rascals and a baby that insists on yelling "hi" to every passer-by and venture out around Seattle and the Eastside all the time. Amazing!

(Miss O, Wonder Boy and Baby Love under a mastodon)

We slowly inched our way around onto the University of Washington campus and discovered this slightly hidden and somewhat obscured little jewel. It was small and quiet and very mellow. The kids were brilliant and peaceful. We saw dinosaur bones and learned about lava. We looked at bug guts and butterfly wings under a microscope. We listened to Native American instruments and discovered a Philippine wedding ceremony. It was absolutely lovely. I felt so proud of us four wondering around a museum. Learning. Exploring. I tried to breathe and take in every second absorbing all the goodness that is my children. It was simply sublime!!

(Baby Love chatting with the birds, wishing she could be free from the stroller too)

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