March 29, 2010

make a splash

Miss Divine and I have been playing around with her under the sea birthday party for a while now. She decided she was fascinated with the idea of mermaids and asked if she could have a mermaid party when she turned seven. Since I like to generalize the theme and go hog wild, we agreed upon "Under the Sea" with mermaids, seashells and the color blue. I sort of love it. I am always on the hunt for anything involving the ocean.

Last month I thought a message in a bottle would be a cute way to send out the invitations. Last year for El Fuego's science party, we stuffed the invitations into a test tube. Mailing things like this is a little more spendy but the kids think it's fun. When I mailed the science party invites, the lady behind counter just could not, for the life of her, see my vision and kept telling me it would be cheaper to just hand them out. "Yes, I know that, but this is more fun!!" I repeated myself.

Anyway, I found these six packs of bottles at Michael's. They do have them at Oriental Trading Company however it was actually cheaper to buy two of these at Michael's than ordering the set of a dozen from OTC. I also picked up these cute starfish ornaments too.

I printed out the invitations on regular paper this time and ripped the edges to give them that 'been out at sea' look. If you rip the paper towards you, it will give you the white edges. Ripping away from you will not.

We rolled the messages (invites) and tied with with twine.

We added a seashell and some sand.

Then I replaced the string with twine and tied the starfish onto the bottles.

Ta-Da! Turned out pretty cute.

Now I have to figure out how to mail them.

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