March 5, 2010


The big kids and I drove to the pet store today after school. We saved the lives of two little feeder fish. From a large tank swarming with colors of yellowish orange, the clerk rescued two fish without thinking much about her actions. She put the fish in two separate clear bags and filled them with air. The kids man-handled the bags all the way home. I plopped the first fish into one of the dollar jars I picked up at Michael's and had been saving for prizes at Petite Artiste's Circus party. Then I repeated the process with the second fish. Cutting off the rubber band from the top of the bag. Tilting the bag down and letting the water and fish flow down into the jar. When out plopped Eduardo. Handle bar moustache and all. He looks like he would speak Spanish if he spoke that is. Maybe working the underground Mexican drug cartel. Kingpin of this hemisphere's drug trade perhaps. He has a look about him that is suspicious. Yet, I've got myself a little crush on Eduardo and when the lucky prize winner takes my little friend home I'll be a little sad to see him go. AdiĆ³s amigo. Until then, Eduardo and his lady-love Lola, the other fish, are key elements on the party table. Setting the scene for circus party fun.

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