March 13, 2010

a thrifting i will go

Yesterday was a rainy, windy Northwestern day. The big kids were at school until 3pm and Petite Artiste and I had the whole day without places to be at and appointments to keep. I had come across some fun Antique shops and wanted to check them out. Spending the day amongst old forgotten treasures people were trying to hock sounded delightful. So off we went. Little did I know I would come across a few fabulous finds for Miss Divine's birthday party. And cheap too! Who doesn't love cheap I ask?? My husband loves cheap so I knew he would be happy.

I've been secretly ogling over peeps who post pictures of their old typewriters. I wanted one for the kids to play with and explore in this computer/technology age. My children don't even really know what a typewriter is and what people did with them. They think little laptops, tiny music players and super flat phones you carry in your pocket is a way of life. They simple can't imagine anyone growing up without those objects.

As we browsed and walked and touch and explored, I spied this little light blue beauty over in the corner. It didn't have a price as it was left over from an auction. It's small and in really good shape. But as I let my fingers trace the tops of the keys, I kept on walking. However, I couldn't stop thinking about it. A sales clerk approached us asking if I needed any help and I inquired about the little blue typewriter.

She said: "make me an offer"

I said: "I don't know, what do you want for it"

She said the magic words: "Hmmmm, ten dollars??"

I said: "SOLD!"

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