March 8, 2010


A month or so ago, El Fuego took his #17 pinewood derby car to the races. He had worked very hard designing it, putting it together, painting it and getting it into tip-top racing shape. Last year he was a big winner taking home 1st place for the Tigers and 1st place for the pack. We had this huge trophy in our house for a year until we gave it back to the next winner to my relief.
This year his second car did pretty well as well. He won 1st place for the wolves and 3rd place for the pack. Different from last year, the winning cars got go to districts and race their cars against other pack winners. El Fuego was thrilled. Although, he didn't take home a prize from the experience, it was fun to go. We checked out the winning cars and took notes for next year's pinewood derby.

El Fuego's car at districts.

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