March 29, 2010

mermaid crowns

My dear friend, Wendy, dropped off a bag of fabulous green tulle a few weeks ago and my heart went all aflutter. My first thought was to use this wonderful green material as seaweed decorations for Miss Divine's Under the Sea party. (and I'm sure I will have enough to do so) But I spied around the internet a cute way to make mermaid crowns. I embellished the thought a little bit. Here is what I did:

I cut strips of the green tulle and tied them around a thin girl's headband. (Found six packs at Target for 2 dollars::Goody brand)

Then I hot glued on some shells. I have a variety of shells so no two crowns will be the same, but wanted to give an idea of the basic crown.

They are super easy and very quick to do. Add cute mermaid model and these will make a great party favor.

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