March 22, 2010

sparkle, sparkle

This weekend I was MIA. Gone to a little town called Forks Washington. If you are a Twihard you will know exactly where I was and you are green with envy at this very moment. Although the town is nothing to write home about, the experience was a total riot. It was a town we knew no one but yet managed to see everyone we met around every corner. I loved it. We drove to Port Angeles on Friday and spent the day stopping here and there. Rounding the evening off with dinner at Bella Italia. After the mushroom ravioli, we drove into Forks.
Because the March 20th was the release date of New Moon on DVD, we happened to fall into a midnight release party at the Twilight Lounge with women and kids of all ages dressed in prom dresses and odd get-ups. It was fascinating to people watch. We happened to be the last three on the list to get a copy of the movie. After which, we retreated to our hotel room.
On Saturday, we ate at the coffee shop Stephanie Meyer ate at before heading off to our tour. We sat beside the Mitch Hansen band that played at the Vampire Ball the night before. Then we boarded a small bus and embarked on the Volturi Tour. Stopping off at Forks High School, Bella's truck, The Cullen's house, Bella's house, the Police Station, the Forks hospital, the vampire/ware wolf treaty line, La Push (first beach) and Jacob's house.

La Push Washington.
First Beach

After the tour and falling into a fundraiser/auction for the high school and shopping and grabbing dinner, we hit up Karaoke night at the Twilight lounge. Running into all the people we had met along the way. It was a blast!

It also rained on us of wouldn't be Forks if it didn't.

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