March 8, 2010

circus party

The circus came to town this past weekend and we celebrated the newest four year old. The party was loads of fun. Deano the Clown was a big hit although it took Petite Artiste a bit to warm up to him.


Emperorp said...

Congratulations on the party. I've only recently started reading and I've been following your prep for it. I admire your creativity :)

Also, I'm intrigued by your blog name. Are you Irish? My husband and I are and have been living in the US for 10 years now.

I'm enjoying blog. Keep the posts coming :)

Erin said...

Hello, welcome and thank you! :D No, not from Ireland but have some ancestry from there. My great grandfather's nick name for me as a child was "Little Irish" because of my name and my copper locks that have long been lost. :D I would love to one day visit some day. Your blog looks great. Thanks for saying "HI". Neat to meet (via internet) other local bloggers.