March 9, 2010

she joined the club

When Miss Divine was three years old, we were at Disney Land for the first time. I had seen a few girls walk around with a sticker on their shirts about getting their ears pierced. An instant light bulb pop on over my head. I inquired. And that afternoon we found ourselves in downtown Disney getting a fresh pair of pierced ears. It was all very cute. Minnie Mouse gave Miss Divine special attention and gave her feel better kisses on each ear. At that very moment I declared we had to visit Disneyland when Petite Artiste was three and get her ears pierce just the same. I'm a memory maker at heart and making things special for my kids turns my world.


Life happens and we haven't been back to Disneyland with the kids since. We want to, but we just haven't. With Petite Artiste turning four, I asked if she wanted her ears pierced like her big sister and she agreed she did. I tried to get them done on her birthday but the stars and planets did not align so plans were postponed.

This afternoon things seemed to work out and Petite Artiste crawled up into that chair and sat perfectly motionless. She didn't cry. And, seemed to be a little bit in shock when it was all said and done. She was very, very quiet. When got into the car she announced "that hurt" and that's all we've heard about it. She has been in fine spirits for the rest of the day and she looks cute to boot. Not that Disneyland experience I was hoping for, but just as good.

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