October 15, 2007

weekend rundown

We had a really great weekend with the best fall weather!!! Saturday, Miss O and I went to our local fab nursery, Molbaks, and watch The Little Red Riding Hood play. It was cute and funny and Miss O loved every minute of it. It was fun hanging out with just her. She's a great kid! We did some shopping and some holiday browsing afterwards. We decided her Halloween costume this year will be Little Red and seeing the play made her excited about it. Here she is in her red cape before the play started. Fun time!

Yesterday we decided to not let the gorgeous weather pass us by and we headed out to the pumpkin patch for our annual family visit. It was fun riding the tractor ride out to the patch and wondering around the field taking pictures and trying to pick out pumpkins not too heavy that we couldn't carry them. As we got in the car, we discovered my camera stopped working after four years. Good thing it decided to break after we took 500 pictures of pumpkins!! Now we are shopping for a new camera because I can't go too long without having one to take a bazillion pictures with.

We finished our weekend off with some fall cleaning around the house, decorating the porch with pumpkins and eating apple pie bought at the farm for desert. What could be better?!?!?!

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