October 11, 2007

another day, another pumpkin patch

Today was our second trip to a pumpkin patch this week. This time we went with Miss O's preschool class. The weather held out and it was a nice outing for a trip to the farm with a bunch of three and four years go. We took a short tractor ride to the small patch, each picked a pumpkin, headed back to this very cool, old barn for the hay maze upstairs, then out to see the stinky piglets and the chickens.

This is Miss O's best friend at school. She attended this preschool last year and there was only three girls total in her class. This year, the girls out number the boys big time. It's fabulous! When we went to the meet and greet at the beginning of the year I spotted Kalin across the way quickly when I scanned the room full of new classmates because she is very tall just like Miss O. The two of them are very similar in body style and I think it's safe to say they bonded pretty quickly.

Here they are. See if you can spot Miss O . . .

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