October 1, 2007

secret mamas

There is a lovely lady in my moms' group that organizes a little something called "Mystery Mamas" which is much like Secret Santa's in concept; for a set period of time, women who sign up, deliver little gifts in secret once a week to the one they have been assigned. It's fabulous and I love it!!! Today, almost completely forgetting that I signed up, arrived home to find these beautiful, orange lilies on my doorstep. As soon as I saw them I knew they were from my mystery mama and they instantly brightened my day!!

J and I found a house just across the street from the elementary school Wonder Boy attends. We both really liked it. It's a total flip! Someone bought it a year ago and pretty much gutted it and put a brand new house in. It has four bedrooms which is what we have been looking for. The down side: it's across the street (literally) from the school and the traffic every morning and afternoon is a quite a bear and it's a split level house, not my favorite style of house. But this one was a little different; you don't walk into the front door being greeted by stairs going up and down, instead you walk into a little foyer area and the stairs are off to the side. It has tons and tons of storage, a completely brand new kitchen and four bedrooms which J and I could be totally blinded by because that's what we want most right now. So we are weighing our options. Our house now is not in "sell ready shape" at all and I've kind of grown attached to the house and the location. My dream? We would be able to move into a bigger house and rent this house out. But of course I know that's a crap shoot!

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