October 29, 2007

screaming mamas

I did something last night that I haven't done since I was in college. I went to a haunted house with two friends, JS and LT (thanks ladies, it was a blast). Nightmare at Beaver Lake is an annual event and it's a little different then your typical haunted house. You are led through trails around the park, in the dark, and your final stop is the haunted house itself. It was a real scream and lots of fun. I was either screaming my head off or laughing my head off. We three women, who have birthed babies mind you and seen far scarier things raising toddlers alone, seemed to be easy targets. Around every corner someone dressed in costume and make up scared the crap out of us. Chased us around. And if it wasn't one of the actors it was people behind us getting an easy laugh. That is until I slapped the young man's arm behind us and told him to stop it. (Sorry little man but it was tense moment and you deserve it!)

We also went to EE's Pirate Halloween Party yesterday. The kids dressed up in their costumes as Batman, Little Red Riding Hood and a China doll for the festivities. As always the party was very creative and very crazy with tons of kids running around.

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