October 22, 2007

the good, the bad, the ugly

The Good: I got a new camera! Yay!! It's the newer version of my little Canon PowerShot ELPH and I love it. It's got all the same working mechanics plus some cool extras, so I haven't had to relearn anything. Bonus!

The Bad: My house is a complete mess and I'm hosting this little party here Thursday night. I just can't get control of the clutter and chaos. Slowly I get something under control, only to turn around and find something else that's been piling up or destroyed by the kids. Ugh!

The Ugly: I was sooooooo happy to go glass blowing again and I was dying to see how my pumpkin turned out. Unfortunately, mine turned out like this:

Uh huh - yep, the ugly! Very, very ugly. But again, it's not everyday one goes glass blowing.

Thank you EP for a fun time this afternoon! You're the best and your "blue eyed devils" are just supreme! :)

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