October 9, 2007

down on the farm

Today Baby Love and I were down on the farm for our preschool field trip. We had lots of fun learning about how plants grow, how worms dig, how animals help and how fast little kids can get as dirty as possible. The weather is unusually warm. I stepped out of the house with my rain boots, my heavy coat and Baby Love all bundle up ready to brave the cold only to get roasted out. I hear the rain in coming in big time and we are due for a storm tonight though.

*Baby Love is wearing her big brother's hand-me-down rain boots and raincoat, both a little too big. She spent most of her time falling down or losing her boots. Ahhhh, good times!

When Baby Love saw the goat eating the grass, she lowered her body down to the ground on all fours and started sort of licking the grass. I thought for a minute "oh my gawd, what in the world are you doing???" Then I quickly realized she was mimicking the goat eating grass. So funny!

When we got home for the farm, I was greeted with another mystery mama gift. She left a little mid-day pick me up and I quickly gobbled it up not sharing with the kids. It hit the spot and was just what I needed. Thanks mystery mama where ever you are!!

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