October 8, 2007

eating good

One good thing about the kids being sick is we skip Wonder Boy's martial art class and stay home. Which means I can start a movie down stairs for the sick kids and turn on Oprah upstairs. Today I was happy to see Oprah wasn't talking about how to buy the perfect pair of jeans for your body type where no pair of jeans they reveal cost under a 100 bucks. Or the sob story on a famous person who made gobs of money. Or yet another look in how bad off Africa is. It was actually about something that's useful to a regular, down to earth mom that won't spend over 30 dollars on a pair of jeans. She had Jessica Seinfeld (married to Jerry Seinfeld) on with her new book Deceptively Delicious which is all about how to hide vegetables in your children's' food. Everything is low fat and according to Oprah, delicious. Gotta love it! I already have it in my Amazon shopping cart.

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