October 3, 2007

secret agent mystery mama strikes again

Yesterday was a rough day. It seems like everyone is falling into a routine but now the newness has worn off and we are all tired. Sicknesses are creeping up and knocking us down. I was teaching yesterday, worried about Miss O who I dropped off at her school knowing she wasn't feeling great and with a cough that sounded like a pack of barking baby seals. I told the teachers to call me if she got worse and they never did so I assumed the morning went okay. There was a brief moment in my morning where I was making up silly words with a young student's name in between. He giggled and found joy in my silliness which made me happy.

My supreme friend volunteered to pick up Miss O on Tuesdays and I'm forever grateful to her. Her daughter enjoys the extra time at school without the hustle and bustle of the other kids while we wait. I worried she might be upset with O's cough and loading her up into her car with her brand new baby. I hope everything was okay!

I picked up Wonder Boy at school being greeted by his solemn face. The face that tells me something went wrong. You see Wonder Boy has two speeds. Overly exhausting or solemn and pouty. There's no in between with him and J and I desperately try to help him find that happy medium on a daily basis mostly to no avail. WB told me he had a slip in his back pack that I need to sign and send back to school or he would miss his recess - it was a RED day. Apparently, he and his buddy went to the bathroom at recess and WB flush the toilet repeatedly causing it to overflow. It's only kindergarten and it's only a month into the school year and everybody already knows that little red head boy with glasses who either makes you laugh or makes you run for the nearest mop. Gawd I worry!

Weight Watchers weigh in was last night and I was up 2.2 pounds. I missed last week because of a scheduled kayaking trip with the ladies that was postponed because of rain, so we went out to dinner instead. So in two weeks I gained. I knew I would be up so it wasn't devastating but it was a wake up call that I needed to get back on program. I texted my adoring husband who responded with "that's as much as I fluctuate in a day, don't sweat it!" Thanks honey, I love you! I drove to the store afterwards and bought some of those 0 point soups they have now and ate one for dinner. They're not bad.

And that's when my Mystery Mama struck again. While I was off feeling crappy about the days' events, she was at my house dropping off another gift to my surprise. I wasn't expecting anything because she had already delivered those beautiful lilies. She left a Starbucks card and a delicious smelling candle that makes me hungry smelling it. Yum!

I have to think of her and her kindness as I'm faced with those people. The people that suck! As I was this morning. I won't mention names or even how I know her, but I'm stuck dealing with her on a regular basis and it's annoying. I watched her walk around with her extra wide gait from the protection of my car; like a slow gallop in her high heel boots: wide step, bended knee, bounce up, wide step, bended knee, bounce up, wide step, bended knee, bounce up. I watched her approach other people and throw her head back knowing that she had just said something that only she found so funny as I have been on the receiving end of her humor many-a-times. She always has a snide comment to say and it takes everything I've got not to flip her off New York style with my whole arm and tell her what to do with all her perfectness because nobody gives a damn.

I was sent an email this morning from the mom of another boy in Wonder Boy's class. She wants WB to ride the bus home with her son next week so they can play. I know he would LOVE it and getting to ride the bus would be icing on the cake for that's all he's been wanting to do since he started school. But once again I worry. I don't know this mom and I only met the boy this morning. Without saying yes, I asked where they lived and told her we should chat. I want to ask if they keep guns in the house even though I feel totally weird about it and I need to worn her of Wonder Boy's exuberance. I'll keep you posted . . . . .

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