October 18, 2007

glass works

I went glass blowing tonight for the second time. It is so much fun!! It's one of those unique, rare experiences you feel like you have to brag about because, well . . . . let's face it, average people like me don't go off blowing glass everyday.

Just in time for Halloween and Thanksgiving, we made pumpkins instead of the inaugural decorative glass balls we made the first experience. I'm always amazed at just how NOT fragile the whole process is. The weight of the pipe, the constant turning and caressing of the goo, the blowing of different speeds, the cave man like tools, the "glory hole", the heat, the urgency and all the other sexual innuendos that glass blowing involves. Aside from actually having sex (hi mom) it is truly one of the coolest things I've ever done. It is an amazing art form and I have found a new appreciation for such art. Seriously!

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