October 26, 2007

six year old philosophy

“Hey Mom!”


“God is dead”

“What? Where did you talk about that? And who told you that?”

“Just at school.”

“Who at school told you that?”

“Oh Bob” (made up to protect the innocent) “He said that God was dead. Like a ghost. But like a friendly ghost.” “Is God real?”

“Well, some people very much believe God is real.”

“I don’t believe God is real because he’s a ghost and ghosts don’t exist.”

"Well, honey, ummmm, that's a very logical way to think about it."

I debated about posting this conversation I recently had with Wonder Boy. I understand how some people (some people I'm even related to) would cringe in their skin at the very lack of education I have provided my children on the subject of religions in general. However, I revel in the pure logic my son possesses. No one can deny that his thought pattern on the subject was nothing less than, well . . . . logical. After all we, as a society, generally teach our children that ghosts just don't exist therefore we need not be afraid of something that isn't real. So when Bob explained (no doubt how it was explained to him) just what or who God is, Wonder Boy really pondered the the idea of it. I can't say I'm not proud, because I am. In that very moment, I realized something. I had achieved a little, small piece of a goal I had set out to do. The very thing I had hoped for when having children. I am raising free thinkers! Wonder Boy took that information and instead of blindly saying to himself "okay, whatever, if that's what you say it is, then that is what it must be". Instead he took it in, he chewed it up, he dissected it and swallowed a conclusion that was right for him. Amen to that!

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