October 7, 2007

crib for sale

Well, it finally happened. We are done with the crib stage (knock on wood!). I've successfully put Baby Love to bed in her newly hand-me-down toddler bed two nights in a row this weekend. It wasn't a move that was necessarily necessary. She wasn't climbing out of her crib or anything. Heck, she only started walking a month ago. And the ease of putting her in the crib and walking of of the room knowing she'll stay there no matter what was like magic goodness to me. It was just time I guess.

Miss O had been sleeping in the toddler bed until recently when she finally got her big girl twin sized bed. She started sleeping in the toddler bed at 18 months and because of limited space, the small bed was just what we had available. Then J painted my old childhood bed and we set it up for her. Since then, we have had a toddler bed in the middle of the kitchen. So really the push for Baby Love to switch was just because we needed to get the little bed out of our kitchen.

J took the crib apart on Saturday and the transition has been good. Two nights in a row, I have laid her down, started her music, and left the room. She's stayed in bed with very little squawking and actually feel asleep quickly both nights. Yahoo!! Maybe switching beds at earlier ages is better than postponing it. She is still of the mentality that she can't leave the bed unless someone comes to take her out even though it's only 5 inches off the ground.

So now the crib has been broke down for the very last time in our home. As it sits leaning against the wall in the hallway, with it's mattress resting on it's frame, I reflect. We actually bought the crib from J's brother and sister-in-law before we were even pregnant with Wonder Boy. It's slept four children soundly and safely. It's heard many cries and had many peaceful nights. It's been set up in four different bedrooms and reposition too many times to count. It's moved from California to Washington in the back of a pick up truck. And it's ready to find a new home. Another family. Another bedroom. And a new baby to put to sleep soundly and safely. Sweet dreams . . . . .

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