July 6, 2007

weigh in: week # 23

Pounds Lost: -4
Total Loss: -14.2
Diet: weight watchers
Exercise: walking, hot yoga, 5k training

It's been a while since I've posted the Friday weigh in. And, if you have been following my journey, you'll know I have been fighting these four pounds for several weeks now. This morning when I stepped on our home scale naked, having just peed and not eaten anything, I saw a number I haven't seen in a long time (since before kids) so I'm feeling positive. It looks like I'm starting to out run Buddha for a change and he is having a hard time keeping up (the fat bastard!) . . . . . either that or the weight loss fairy is finally deciding that I have suffered long enough and she is granting my wish of excessive weight loss. Then hopefully, in inmydreams land, the tummy tuck fairy and the insurance fairy can have a meeting with J to work out an arrangement. Wink, wink!!

Speaking of J, he went to the doctor this morning and he's lost 16 pounds since his last visit six months ago. He's been trying to lose weight to lower his blood pressure and doing the weight watchers diet vicariously. Go J!

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