July 2, 2007

likeable person

Miss O had a birthday three weeks ago and like magic, some switch, somewhere in little girl land, was flipped. My sweet, easy going, mild tempered little person disappeared and I've been left with a wild, screeching, temper tantrum throwing four year old I don't recognize. The littlest thing will set her off and she'll swing into this very unlikable behavior on a whim. It is driving me crazy!!! I was having fun with the camera this morning, taking some pics and recording some video with The Divine Miss O. Just the very act of saying "okay, say goodbye to the camera, I'm going to turn it off now" made Miss O turn into something that wasn't very divine and I find myself being completely dumbfounded when she does it. All I have ever wanted for my kids (besides good educations, loads of money and being happy) was to be likable people. Wonder Boy has always, always challenged me and the world around him and now that he is creeping into six, I thought things were mellowing out. I thought I had it easy with Miss O but I'm afraid she has been stock piling and she's hitting me all at once with everything she's got.

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