July 6, 2007

going to the zoo

We went to the Cougar Mountain Zoo in Issaquah WA today. It's small and simple but we love it. We normally go every year in December for the Rainier Festival to see Santa and his rainier. When we read in the Sammamish Review this week that they have baby Bengal tigers, we had to see them. It was a nice way to burn some day light and get out of the house. However, I should have know, that everyone else in Sammamish read that same article and decided to join us.

Here's Paco - he flirted and chatted us up for a long time. The neat thing about the Macaws at this zoo is that they are not in cages. They hang out under little shaded umbrellas with swings and posts. It was cool to see these big birds right there in front of you.

The kids enjoyed feeding the alpacas and this cute guy that I never figure out what sort of animal he was (but he looked like some sort of deer). Oh! And what zoo isn't complete with giant dinosaur statues??

But these little guys were the star of the show and who we went to the zoo to see. Bengal Tiger cubs - the only two in Washington state right now. They were smaller than I expected and feisty as ever. The played and wrestled and growled. Lots of fun to watch!

And finally, I'll leave with you this picture because I love it so. It happened quite by accident that I snapped it when I did. There are no phony poses or cheesy smiles but rather this picture froze a moment in time that really show cases each of my children's personalities. They are truly individuals, each with their own shine. (Which is so weird to think about since all three came from the same place, from the same two people. Amazing how that happens!)

Wonder Boy the forever character full of life and questions, pushing the envelope at every turn. The Divine Miss O hamming it up for the camera always posing and flashing her dimples, never to be overlooked. And Baby Love, mild tempered and laid back observing the world from a far. I hope they always know how lucky they are to have each other in their lives.

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