July 5, 2007

i heart lazy mornings

We are loving the cooler temps breezing through the windows this morning. Two out of four of us are actually dressed. Wonder Boy is outside working on a wood truck building kit and totally digging it. The Divine Miss O is playing with playdoh and her plastic horses (aka hee haws). Baby Love is crawling and cruising around content with her toys, dry diaper and full belly. Peace!

I woke up with a full blown cold yesterday. Blah! I thought the 24 hour hotline nurse was crazy when she told me the headache I had had for a week might be from a sinus infection. Sometimes you can get a sinus infection and not even know it. Now it all makes sense . . . . she was probably right. Who knew you could get a cold in the summer. I guess those little germies don't care what season it is.

Speaking of yesterday, Happy 4th of July!! I hope you all enjoyed America's birthday. J took Wonder Boy and Miss O to see Ratatouille while Baby Love napped and I hung out sneezing my brains out and blowing my nose. We tried taking the kids out to ride bikes mid-afternoon but that quickly turned into a disaster. For some reason both kids have decided that riding bikes is too scary and they whine, cry and throw fits about it the entire time. It drives me crazy!!! Something that is meant to be fun and good exercise turns into a nightmare for all the neighbors to witness. We'll have to keep practicing I suppose. We did eat a delish dinner and put the kids to bed at normal time. J got Wonder Boy up when the Sammamish fireworks started and they stood outside to watch them. It looked like it was big show. And it was neat that we were able to see most of it from our house without fighting the crowds.

My cousin, Andy, is joining the army this month. My little cousin who I used to babysit. My little cousin whose diaper I changed. My little cousin who I would load up on my uncle's quad and ride around the fields. My little cousin I would walk down to the bay with. My little baby cousin who all the sudden turned into a man when I wasn't looking and joined the army. I'm afraid for him to tell the truth. He wants to go to school to become a nurse and this was his best option I guess. I just hope he is safe and comes home in one piece!

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