July 5, 2007

kindergarten or bust

Wonder Boy will soon be embarking on a whole new adventure this fall . . . . . all-day kindergarten. I'm so thrilled for him and I know he will thrive in the all-day environment. We received the school supply list and my excitement for shopping for crayons and markers quickly turned into disbelief. I can't believe some of the requests the school/teachers are asking of the parents. . . . . this, in addition to the extra 200 bucks a month we will be paying for the all-day status.

3 boxes of crayola only 24-count crayons
1 subject notebook
1 pair of Fiskar only brand scissors
5 plain pocket folders in 1 red, 1 blue, 1 yellow, 1 green and 1 of choice
1 large box of tissues
2 packages of crayola only markers (1 fat, 1 skinny)
18 LARGE glue sticks (Elmer's only)
1 roll of paper towels
2 boxes of baby wipes
1 small water bottle
2 packages of yellow #2 pencils
2 bottles of hand sanitizer
1 pencil grip (only found at a store in Bellevue)
2 reams of 20# weight copy paper
1 set of headphones.

Seriously? I'm surprised they didn't ask for a pint of blood and a prescription dose of ritalin just to have on hand. After all, you can never be too prepared. I think some of the requests are ridiculous. This is a public school mind you. And, again, each family is paying an extra 200 dollars a month for our children to attend all-day kindergarten. Not to mention the money the school is allocated from the state and levies, etc. What the heck do we need to be sending in 2 reams of copy paper and a roll of paper towels plus baby wipes and 2 bottles of hand sanitizer for? The school is supplied with regular good ole' fashioned brown paper towels and a sink with soap AAAAANNNNDDD water in each classroom . . . . . what is wrong with that. Kids can't belly up to the sink and wash their hands anymore? And copy paper????? Don't forget the 18 glue sticks . . . . ahem, Elmer's only. Do the math on that one. If say 20 kids, give or take, each come with 18 glue sticks . . . . . 18 x 20 = 360. I strongly believe that a classroom of kids could never, ever get through three hundred and sixty glue sticks in a year. Come on!

Someone told me that the extra money was for the teachers' salaries working full day rather than half day. No, no, no . . . . the teachers get paid the same amount from the same payroll whether they have two half-day classes or one full-day. How much they get paid just depends on their contract and bargaining skills. I feel like the requests are a little out of control and I have my panties in a bunch because of it. However, I'll suck it up and try to find all the supplies at the cheapest price-point I can so that I'm not to ruffle any feathers. I don't want to be "that mom" right out of the gate.

I can't say I'm not a little disappointed however. Coming from a background of kindergarten teacher myself, I never asked for these sorts of supplies. The most I asked for was toilet paper rolls. All the supplies were paid for out of the school's pocket book. And I always bought my own baby wipes and hand sanitizer at my own expense if I wanted them. In the words of John Stossel "Give me a Break!"

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